Planning – Day 2

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a great place to meet at a team on Sunday, and we were a bit burned out from planning and hosting kickoff. Our team stayed in touch via the internets, and we all worked on reading the rules and asking a lot of questions.

We are going to try to do a better job of staying organized as a team this year using Trello. We’ll see if that breaks down completely when we get too busy, or if we can keep up the pace. In the past, we’ve relied on a cryptic system of Google Docs, which has worked well enough for a subset of the mentors, but it didn’t do a great job of communicating to the entire team what was being worked.

Outside of that… a few of us spent some time thinking about what things we knew we would want to prototype as a team and placing orders for parts we knew were missing, game pieces, pneumatic wheels, replacement stock, and all the other things we swore we’d finish in December. Oh well, at least we get to play robots next week!

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