Image shows 3005's 2023 robot Amp sitting on its robot cart with a blue winners banner draped across the front. Two trophies and two plaques are sitting on the banner for winning the event and winning the district Excellence in Engineering award

3005 RoboChargers: FiT Dallas District Event Recap

Here on FRC Team 3005 RoboChargers, we’ve spent the past two months working on our robot to compete in the 2023 FIRST Robotics Competition game, “Charged Up.” Our robot, Amp, was designed to complete all tasks of the game efficiently and elegantly. You can see everything Amp is capable of in our reveal video here:

2023 Game, “CHARGED UP”

From March 3rd to March 5th, our team competed at the FIRST in Texas Dallas District event. Alongside 31 other teams, RoboChargers spent two days completing qualification and playoffs matches, while also participating in judge interviews to compete for several auspicious awards. 

Each match is two minutes and fifteen seconds long, with the first 15 seconds being dedicated to “autonomous,” pre-programmed tasks performed by the robots. The following 2 minutes are all driver controlled where teams and their robots have to pick up and place game pieces in a grid at either end of the field. The robots then have to balance on an unstable platform at the end of the game for added ranking points. You can see a full breakdown of the game we are playing this year in the video below:

Event Results

After playing 12 matches across all-day Saturday and Sunday morning, RoboChargers ended qualifications with an 11-1-0 record (11 won, 1 lost, 0 tied) and as the highest ranked team at the event. Because of our position, we were able to pick two more teams to compete with us on our alliance for the playoffs. We asked FRC Teams 2468 Appreciate and 5682 Equus Engineering to be on our alliance, and on Sunday afternoon, we went undefeated in our 5 playoff matches. 

You can watch our 4th playoff match here, where we won against the 2nd Seed Alliance:

3005 RoboChargers came away as District Event Winners, qualifying for a place at the FIRST in Texas District Championship in April. Our team also won the Excellence in Engineering Award, which celebrates a team that takes a professional approach to their robot design process and can show how their design is an elegant engineering solution to a problem presented by the game. 

We had some really awesome moments during this event that showed our team growth over the past two years, and some moments that brought the whole stadium to their feet. You can check out a highlight reel of these moments here:

What’s Next For RoboChargers

We celebrated our success and we are thrilled with our results from Dallas, but we know it doesn’t stop here. We have a quick turnaround and will be competing at the FIRST in Texas Fort Worth District event next weekend, March 16th-18th, at Nolan Catholic High School. Our team started preparing for this event almost immediately after returning from our success at Dallas, and we’re looking forward to seeing our team and robot improve even further both on and off the field. 

Image shows the captains and two members of the Dallas District winning alliance posed with their robots and blue champions banners

We encourage you to join us! Spectators are welcome at all our events, and we’d love to see our supporters in the stands and getting to be part of the action. Feel free to contact us ( if you have any questions about attending our next District Event at Fort Worth, or about attending District Championships in Houston in April. 

As always, you can stay up to date on our team’s success and events with our social media pages. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok