The RoboChargers are committed to sharing the experience and knowledge we’ve gained with other teams in the FIRST community. Feel free to give us feedback on any of the following resources, and share with us how your team applies them.

We are thrilled to announce that ahead of World Championships this year, we are releasing the CAD for our entire robot, Amp. 

The response to our robot this year has been amazing, and there have been a lot of questions about how the arm and intake were designed or why we made the choices we did. Amp, just like all of your robots, is the result of weeks of deliberation, testing, and iteration. Before we even arrived at our first event, the intake had already gone through 11 different versions. We continue to improve the robot between events, and the CAD we’re releasing today is the most updated version.

View 3005 RoboChargers 2023 Robot CAD

The following paper describes FRC Team 3005’s process for designing and manufacturing custom molded urethane parts for their FRC and FTC teams. This often overlooked manufacturing method allows teams to circumvent supplier shortage issues while developing totally custom parts for their robots.

We developed these custom belt storage cards with the help of some our FIRST friends. We cut them using our shop laser cutter, a Nova 51 130W. The link includes the Lightburn files and CAD drawings so your team can put them to use in your own shop. Check out our blog post about the belt storage too!

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