Our team celebrated another successful weekend of competition at the FIRST in Texas Fort Worth District Event that was held from March 16th to March 18th. With only a week after our Dallas District Event, our team continued to give 110% at this weekend’s competition.  If you are not yet familiar with the 2023 FIRST […]

Prototyping While the strategy team continues to decide what needs to be built, we decided to start with some VERY basic prototyping to help everyone start to visualize manipulator, field, and game piece interactions. We’ve found that especially with new members, staring at a white board to discuss how “hard/easy” something is for a Weighted Objective Table,

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I barely have words to describe the team’s excitement after the Alamo Regional this past weekend… so I’ll use a picture. All of the hard work for this season, the late nights, the strategy deliberations, pushing to build two robots… all worth it. We achieved our season goal of finally qualifying for champs as the

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