The clock is ticking and we can all feel February 18th creeping closer and closer.  There were a lot of things still to be done and not much time left to do them.  The goal set out for the week was to get the competition bot driving and begin driver training and shooter practice.  To […]

Week four began with a team meeting where we discussed some of the non-robot-building aspect of our season, including assisting students with scholarship applications and mentoring with any courses they may need.  Before diving back into the work space the team held a students-only meeting to discuss which mentor they wanted to nominate for the Woody Flowers Finalist Award.  After

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We are FRC3005, The RoboChargers from Conrad High School! Our first meeting of the year was an ‘open-invitation’ affair where any student with interest, or just a curiosity, in robotics could stop in and learn what this team is all about.  After reviewing some basic information about FIRST/FRC and briefly discussing our goals for this

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