Final Open Team Meeting

Our fourth meeting was held on October 31st, and we were excited to announce our roster for the Fall robotics club!

The engineering challenge for this meeting was an old classic: Egg Drop! Students were provided a limited set of materials including cups, straws, string, tape, cardboard, and rubber bands. They created pods that would cushion and slow the eggs’ fall, to ensure its survival. In preparing their designs, students were told to consider the basics of potential energy, free-fall, impact energy, and how to evenly decelerate their eggs.

Planning before building!
Planning before building!

Much to the mentors’ surprise, we actually ran out of stairs! We were unable to formally declare a winning team, with three of the four designs surviving falls in excess of 35 feet. It was truly an impressive effort by our students, and we’re excited to enter our fall training season with such a bright team.

The 20' drop. The final drop location was the floor above.
The 20′ drop. The final drop location was the floor above.

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