Yasssssssssss! Time to play robots again. Good Guy Frank, the closest thing FRC has to Santa Claus, has given us a late Christmas gift of STEAMWorks… and we are #excite. Enough open field to play defense, two games pieces to keep it interesting, shooting and manipulating… this is going to be awesome 🙂 Texas Instruments Kickoff

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Conrad High School was selected to host an Hour of Code event for DISD students, sponsored by UT Dallas, Code.org, and the Dallas ISD STEM department. The RoboChargers were excited to both get a chance to participate, as well as show off our 2016 FRC Robot – Koopa, to hopefully inspire other students to get

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The robot building never stops, nor does new student recruiting! Spence Middle School students visited Conrad High School today to learn about the engineering academy. Mrs. Jordan showed off our 2016 BEST robot as well as the 2016 FRC Robot Koopa to future RoboChargers 🙂