Outreach – St. Thomas STEM Fair


St. Thomas Aquinas invited us to showcase our latest robot, Whirlpool, for their school STEM Fair event. We had previously worked with the school to start two FLL teams and were happy to participate. The event was a huge success, with between 750 and 1000 participants, and we were fortunate to be given a spot right in the middle of it all.

We also brought our 3D printer, custom earrings, and some robot parts for display. One of our students, Javier, also designed and 3D printed a custom key chain that said St. Thomas STEM Fair to hand out to participants. We were also able to show off the 3D printed mold for our urethane rollers, as well as some belt rollers.


As this was the first time showing off our robot since its creation, we weren’t 100% sure what made the most sense. It really didn’t make sense to try to run gears, and climbing would require a rope hanger, so we opted to just let the kids catch bursts of fuel. Turned it… fuel is pretty fun 🙂

We also took a page out of RevRobotics book and held a fuel stacking challenge. Anyone that gave it a try could win a free pair of our custom 3005 laser cut FIRST earrings.

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